Safety Management

"SMS Demystified"

“SMS Demystified” delivers the essential features of Safety Management in an ICAO/EASA environment. It is equally useful for Managers and front-line staff.

Since October 2012 all Operators subject to EASA OPS Part ORO (i.e. Commercial Air Transport) have been required to have Safety Management procedures embedded in their Management Systems.

Safety Manager will become mandatory in all Continuing Airworthiness organisations by 2019.

Suppliers of goods and services to an Operator must have Safety Management procedures installed and functioning. This includes Part 145 Maintenance and Repair Organisations, component workshops and parts suppliers. (An Operator’s CAMO is included in the scope of the Operator’s Safety Management procedures.)

As a result, many MROs and other suppliers to Operators have Safety Management have adopted EASA-compliant Safety Management procedures. One of those procedures is to train all staff in Safety Management; this means that Contractors with SMS training in their CV have an advantage.

Why take this course?

Training of staff in Safety Management is an essential feature of any Safety management System.

Our SMS Demystified course describes the components and procedures of Safety Management in simple and direct terms, and goes on the discuss compliance and documentation needed to comply with EASA requirements and have evidence of compliance.

The course is for:

a) Managers in small maintenance organisations and workshops who need to know what to do to comply, and how to do it. (Consultants are NOT necessary!).

b) Staff in any organisation who need training in Safety Management.

c) Independent contractors whose CVs should provide evidence of Safety Management

The content of our Safety Management course “SMS Demystified” is summarised below.

The subject is presented in a simple and direct way, and keeps the information strictly to what students need to know. It starts with the actual EASA requirement, which is highlighted in the red box.

For companies interested in bulk purchase, a Demo version is available to review the course.  Please contact us.

What can I expect from this course?

The course is in 4 parts, following an Introduction about the benefits to an organization that SMS can bring, and followed by an examination of 10 questions drawn randomly from a question bank.

Part 1 - EASA OPS Part ORO.GEN.200; the regulatory background for introduction of SMS, the UK CAA’s intended methods of oversight and transitional period from 28th October 2012, NPA 2013-01 (SMS for Maintenance Organisations).

Part 2 - Components and Processes of SMS; hazard identification and risk management, including risk evaluation matrix, mitigation, ALARP and the Hazard Log/Risk register.

Part 3 - SMS Structure and Documentation; simple SMS structure, function and composition of SAGs and the SRB, tasks of Safety Manager and Compliance Manager, essential documentation and the Emergency Response Plan.

Part 4 - Achieving Compliance; gap analysis, evaluation framework, implementation (limited), the Safety Policy, compliance and monitoring, safety promotion, individuals’ responsibilities.

"SMS Demystified" includes an update on NPA 2013-01 and NPA 2013-19, which make proposals for the introduction of Safety Management in Continuing Airworthiness organisations (Part M, Part 145 and Part 147) as well as changes to Part 66.

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