Aviation Legislation

Our “Aviation Legislation” courses cover Part 66 Basic Training Module 10.  They present the necessary knowledge simply, while providing all the facts.

All maintenance staff should be understand the legal framework for the work they do. Our Aviation Legislation (General) course provides that.

More specifically, aspiring licence-holders need to pass Module 10 Multi-choice Question and Essay examinations, set in accordance with the Basic Training syllabus in Regulation 1321/2014 Part 66 Annex I.

And finally, all key maintenance staff, including Quality staff and Certifyers, need to undergo Continuation Training every 2 years which must include an update on Regulations governiong Continued Airworthiness.

Aviation Legislation (General)  covers the Module 10 syllabus. (See Content below).

Section 1 General covers the whole of the M10 syllabus, but at Level 1. It explains how the EU and EASA function and EASA's relationshiop with Member States and their NAA's, before looking at all the relevant regulations.

The 2 Supplements are specifically for Module 10 candidates.  They cover Part M and Part 145 at Level 2, in accordance with Part 66 requirements for Module 10.

The Part 145 Supplement can also be used for the “Part 145 Update” element of the Continuation Training required under Part 145 A.35.

How do the course sections work?

Section 1

International, European and National Agreements and Law

This Section starts with a study of the Chicago Convention and its Annexes, then ICAO, and looks at the EU Government structure, and how the EU, EASA and the EASA Member National Aviation Authorities fit together to develop and enforce common Regulations based on ICAO Recommendations (SARPS) and the Convention Annexes. Finally we look at the Basic EU Regulation for Civil Aviation and its high-level Regulations,  including the creation of EASA.

Section 2

Understanding EASA

Section 2 lifts the lid on EASA; its structure, roles and processes are examined, and then we look at how the Regulations for Initial and Continuing Airworthiness fit into the overall Regulation structure, along with the Implementing Regulations for Flight Standards, Air Traffic and Aerodromes.

Section 3

Regulations for Continuing Airworthiness

Section 3 digs into the Regulation for Continued Airworthiness (EC 1321/2014) and Annexes I (Part M), II (Part 145), III (Part 66). A comprehensive Level 1 view of the scope, structure and content of each Part gives the student a thorough grounding in this Regulation.

Section 4

EASA OPS, Initial Airworthiness Regulation and Part 21, CS 23/25/27/29, and Safety Management (NPA 2013-01).

Finally, the course covers the remaining knowledge needed by all engineers and Module 10 candidates. It looks at Initial Airworthiness Regulations and there is a comprehensive overview of Part 21, highlighting the essential features, and a look at CS 23, 25, 27 and 29 The course then moves on to EASA OPS, with a similar overview of the structure and content, highlighting the parts that engineers should know.

Last of all, we have an overview of Safety Management.

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